Make God's glory resound; echo his praises from coast to coast. Isaiah 42:12


Joe Aiken

Joe's song writing journey began back in 2012 with a song from his first release being played on UCB Unsigned. Fast forward 8 years and a variety of recording 'techniques' later his songs 'I Need Your Presence' and 'Known for Your Presence' are regulars on the UCB2 playlist.

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We are passionate about hearing God's praises resound and echo from coast to coast.

Please get in touch with us if you would like song writing or recording feedback or if you have a song idea that you want help with. 

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Send us your songs, a rough recording on your phone is fine. Please include a chord sheet.


Do you have a song idea or need help finishing a song? Please send us what you have and we'll see if we can help.


Need any advice on releasing songs? We can share with you some of our experiences and point you in the direction of suitable companies.


We may not be able to respond to everyoine who gets in touch. If you don't hear from us please continue in God's plans for your music.

There is no charge for getting in touch or for general advice. In some cases we may request co-writing credit if the ideas are used. This can be agreed on a song by song basis.

All your words and tunes remain your copyright.

Your e-mail address and any chord sheets, recordings and email correspondance is stored indefinitely on the e-mail servers at the disretion of the e-mail provider. Some recordings and chord sheets will be downloaded onto other devices to facilitate feedback and co-writing efforts. There is no limitation to number of devices and length of time that this data will be stored. Your copyright material will not be shared publicly without prior authorisation.

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